Time to get ready for Spring!

Now is the time to get ready for nesting season and here are a few tips to get you started.

  • February and March are the best time to clean out your existing bird houses and check for any needed repairs.
  • When selecting a new house, choose the right size hole for the bird you wish to attract.  For example bluebirds need a house with a 1.5" size hole.
  • Make sure your houses have proper drainage and ventilation.
  • Be sure to protect houses from predators.  Placing houses on trees and fences make it easy for snakes and raccoons to raid the box.  By putting your house on a pole with a baffle, you are protecting the baby birds.  Also remove any perches that may be on your house.  Cavity nesting birds don't need them but they allow predator birds a place to land.
  • Make sure your house has a way to clean it out.  This also gives you a way to monitor the nest and make sure everything is going well.
  • Be sure to remove any dense brush around your houses.  Cats can hide in shrubs and catch baby birds as they fledge the nest.

Need a new bird house? Come in to Wild Birds Unlimited and our Certified Bird Feeding Specialist would be happy to help you set up a new house.

Happy nesting!