Squirrel Solutions

Squirrel Solutions

As long as people have been feeding the birds, they have been dealing with squirrels.  Squirrels, although sometimes thought to be cute, can be destructive to feeders, chase away birds, and expensive to feed.  But when properly implicated, we have found a solution for almost any backyard squirrel problem.  Here are a few of the best.





The Eliminator

One of the best squirrel proof feeders on the market, this feeder does exactly what the name says, eliminates squirrels.  The bottom is weight sensitive and shuts off the ports when a squirrel steps on it.  The tension is adjustable so you can even keep out smaller squirrels or larger birds.  Not only is this feeder squirrel proof, but birds love it too!  Cardinals whom usually don't like perching feeders find the ring easy to sit on.  Small birds and woodpeckers have no trouble clinging on and grabbing a seed.  The Eliminator can be filled with pretty much any seed so you don't have to worry about squirrels gobbling up your good seed blends.  Best of all this feeder has a lifetime warranty for squirrel damage so if ever a squirrel should render your feeder un-functional, you can bring it in to any Wild Birds Unlimited store and we will fix it right up.





The Fundamental

A slightly smaller and less expensive feeder than its counter part, the Eliminator, this feeder still excels at keeping away squirrels.  Anywhere a squirrel steps on this feeder, the cage slides down and denies access to the seed.  This feeder is great for smaller birds but still has U-shaped perches to better allow cardinals and doves.  Want a feeder just for small clinging birds such as chickadees, and woodpeckers?  The perches can be completely removed to keep out annoying birds like crows, blackbirds and grackles.  This feeder comes with a 2 year warranty against squirrel damage.






Squirrel Baffles (below feeders)

Squirrels have no problem climbing poles to get to feeders but by adding a squirrel baffle, you can baffle even the most persistent squirrel.  Baffles are either cylinder or cone shaped metal, and attach to the pole using a baffle collar.  They must be at least 4.5' to 5' above the ground and 8' to 10' away from anything a squirrel can jump from.  Once a baffle is applied, you can hang any feeder and keep it squirrel-free!  Check with our store for the baffle that works best for you.






Safflower Seed

Safflower is a seed that squirrels tend not to like.  It can go in most sunflower feeders, and still attracts a number of your favorite birds including cardinals, chickadees, finches and doves.




Hot Pepper Foods

Like most mammals squirrels have an excellent sense of smell and taste.  Birds however do not have the same receptors that mammals do and don't notice the hot flavor.  Therefor, adding a very hot habanero oil to products such as suet, seed, and cylinders, keeps food interesting to birds, but not squirrels.  We carry a wide variety of hot pepper products that can go in your current feeders.