Yvonne - Owner

Yvonne's passion for birds started when her husband bought her her first bird feeder 30 years ago. She became a master birder through Seattle Audubon and has traveled to places like Costa Rica, Peru, Ecaudor, Texas, and Arizona to add to her life list of birds. In 1994 she was introduced to her first Wild Birds Unlimited store in Everett, Washington where she became the manager for 8 years. She has worked in 5 other WBU stores throughout Washington, Arkansas, and Georgia always dreaming of one day opening her own store. Finally in December of 2004, Yvonne's dream came true and she opened her store in Dawsonville, Georgia. Since then, the business has been thriving, and she shares her love of birds in the community by leading bird walks for the public, and giving presentations to local organizations.



Renee - Owner

Renee's first job was when she was 15 years old as a seed bagger for a Wild Birds Unlimited in Everett, Washington. Since then she has worked at other stores in Washington, Arkansas, and Georgia. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003 and moved to Georgia to help with her mother's dream of opening a Wild Birds Unlimited store. She is an important part of the business doing all of the store's ads, and websites, as well as managing the store. Renee has a great love of the outdoors and if she's not working at WBU you will find her whitewater kayaking one of the local rivers, hiking or mountain biking. You might also recognize her driving the beverage cart at the Chestatee Golf Club.


Lynn - Sales Associate/Certified Birdfeeding Specialist

Lynn started working for us in 2007. She had just moved here from Florida and had never fed the birds before but was quickly getting into the hobby. Her husband had joked about her needing to work here in order to pay for all the birdfeed she was using, so she applied for the job and now she's here! Lynn has a BS in Biology and loves hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, reading, and lots of other outdoor activities. She also has Bengal cats, and used to show them competitively.



Cole - Sales Associate

Cole has the honor of being the only guy working here with us at Wild Birds Unlimited. He is a college student at the University of North Georgia and is still trying to decide his major but is leaning towards an area in math. In his spare time he loves working out and playing soccer.








Mikey and Mattie - Store Cats

Mikey and Mattie were found behind the store as kittens in November of 2005 eating birdseed under our feeders. We captured them and their two siblings, all of them very feral, and malnurished. After taming the young cats, we found homes for their two sisters and kept Mikey and Mattie as store cats. Since then they have become a very important part of the store greeting all of our customers at the door and lounging on the register counter for people to pet. Every year we hold a birthday sale in honor of when we found the kittens. They love being part of the store and are now spokes cats, for keeping cats indoors and away from birdfeeders.


Dakota - Store Dog

Dakota is a red and white Siberian Husky born in November 2008. Usually when Renee is working, Dakota comes along. You can find him sprawled out on the cool floor in the back room, but feel free to ask to pet him. He loves attention. This is a picture when he hiked up and camped on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina with Renee.



Juneau - Store Dog

Juneau is Dakota's niece and best friend. She was born in March of 2009 and loves to play the roll of greeter in the store. Here she is pictured hiking up Blood Mountain in GA with Renee.