Bird Feeders 

Not all bird feeders are created equally.  Here at Wild Birds Unlimited we take the time to test our feeders so not only are they pleasing to the birds, but they hold up over time and are easy to clean.  Many of them come with a lifetime warranty in which we will replace and fix parts if the feeder should be broken due to squirrels or product defects.  Check with a WBU employee for each individual feeders warranty.  Here is a sampling of some of the feeders that meet our standards and you can find in our store.


The Classic

This is the first feeder CEO Jim Carpenter ever designed for Wild Birds Unlimited, and little has changed on it since.  Why mess with a good thing?  Its curved sides make it easy to see the birds from both sides, a long overhang roof creates shelter from the rain, a removable tray keeps seed well ventilated and is easy to clean out.  This version is made from recycled milk jugs and will not rot or fade such as the original wood version will.  It's a great design for cardinals and larger birds, as well as all the small finches and chickadees, and will hold just about any type of seed or blend without getting clogged up.  You can also hang or top mount this feeder for maximum versatility.

Birds you'll attract: Cardinals, Doves, Jays, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers and more!


Tube Feeders

Tube feeders are one of the most popular bird feeder designs. With multiple places for birds to perch, and an attractive design it's obvious why they are so popular. Our take on tube feeders is even better. An easy removable bottom makes cleaning a cinch, and the feeding ports are reinforced with metal so squirrels can't destroy them. In fact this feeder has a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage and we will fix and replace parts for no charge. Trays and covers can be purchased as well.

Birds you will attract: Finches, chickadees, nuthatches, wrens, buntings and more!

WBU Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds will love this humzinger, and so will you. Hummingbird feeders need to be cleaned out at least once a week and this feeder easily comes apart and is dishwasher safe so cleaning is a snap. It also has a built in ant moat to keep out pesky ants and won't leak which means no sticky messes. The birds love it too! Like many of our feeders this feeder comes with a lifetime warranty!

Birds you will attract: Hummingbirds.

Peanut Feeder

Woodpeckers love peanuts! By offering peanuts you can get a great variety of birds you might not get with just regular seed. This feeder is easy for clinging birds to perch on. Don't forget to add a weather guard. Your seed or peanuts will stay dry and mold free with this attractive top.

Birds you will attract: Woodpeckers, wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, and more!


Finch Feeder

Nyjer Thistle is the number one pick for goldfinches and this feeder is a great way to provide it. With unlimited spots for birds to perch on, finches have no trouble finding a place at the table. Since finches prefer to eat together there's always room for one more. This feeder has the perfect mesh size so birds can pull seeds loose, but they don't fall out on their own.

Birds you will attract: Goldfinches, pine siskins, and indigo buntings.


Eco-tough Ground Feeder

Some birds prefer to eat at ground level, so providing a ground feeder makes it less crowded and less stressful for the birds at your feeder. Keeping seed elevated instead of putting it straight on the ground keeps seed dry and helps stop the spread of diseases. This feeder is made of recycled plastic which will not rot like wood does. It also has a great removable screen for easy clean out.

Birds you will attract: Cardinals, juncos, towhees, doves, jays and more.

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